A self driven car could look like anything that sells well. My guess is that the number of senselessly drunk alcoholics would increase by at least 12.45 %, since they now have a safe way to get home from the bar.

was a joke on the radio here last week:
"why are there more accidents on saturday evening, after the men have been drinking?"
"women are driving" :)

I really love the last result on the Google self-driven car. The International Body has decided not to legalize it because its a rule that there mist be a driver behind every wheel but come to think of it, These cars on their own are more accurate than the humans that control them

people have been predicting self-driven cars "within a few years" for at least 50 years.
It ain't happened yet.

Electric cars of course are utterly useless for anyone who needs to drive more than a very short distance per day, as their range is extremely limited and the recharging after use takes forever (think 20-50 mile range, after which you can't use it for 12 hours or more in case of the latest production models, not enough for the vast majority of people).
Another major problem with the large scale adoption of electric cars is that the national grid just can't cope with the extra load. It's groaning as is and government policy combined with greenie blocking of any new powerplants means that's going to get a lot worse.
And then there's the charging. For most people it'd mean running an extension cord from their living room across the sidewalk to their car, which of course would get stolen almost instantly, if they didn't get fined and sued first for creating a hazzard on the sidewalk.

Theres a way to wirelessly charge your car. Italy has been using wireless charging on their buses for a few years now there are conducting plates on the ground and the bus can slowly charge even while driving, and at a stop, and in the garage. And what the hell do you mean by a strain on the power.... If that tech was developed the world is many years ahead. And those problems are over.

I would buy one. :D