Hi every thanks for taking the time to read my thread. anyway i had an idea of doing a car diagnostic program which would then store results and act as a car library for my final year project but im not sure if this is possible and if it is where to start. i was just wondering if anyone had done this before or if you have any documents that i could read. i would like to do this in java. also do you think this would keep me going for the year?

im seriously struggling to find a project lol

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Oh, just about every car manufacturer and no doubt the larger groups of maintenance shops have created such software (as well as the associated hardware to plug it into the cars' electronics).

Given that those are professional organisations with large teams of developers, it's probably a good guess that anyone writing it alone would have quite the job of it.


hey jwenting ive looked into the obd2 cable i think i will buy it and see how it works first. just found some more information on it aswell it could be a nice project to do.

if anyone else has done something similar to this please let me know what it was like


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