Should a web designer hand over?
-pdf with notes
-html and css
-html,css, and pdf
-html.css.and pdf with instructions
-something else

Please help me out because I am very confused about what a web designer should be doing.

It entirely depends on the questions as to how much is the Web programmer involved. Normally a designer should provide the styling docs such as CSS , other window designs that he has come up with and documents regarding how things are related to each other. But ya the view varies from person to person and also situation to situation.

i would think the designer is responsible for the css, html, and graphics. while the web programming would be in charge of the backend php or javascript for say login, shopping carts, product views etc. depends on the situation just like csurfer said

What i generally do is hand over a PSD and any other graphics needed. Then, after the programmer write the html, CSS and other code I edit the CSS and tweak/correct it. However, each project varies depending on size, needs and the capabilities of the programmer.

Thank you everyone. I thought maybe there was an industry standard