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The Beatles are good. I haven't listen the Beatle song for a long time. I think "Let it be" was the song I still remember.

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I listen to my own music as i have many published compositions of own my own :) thank GOD!

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I was listening to lenka the song is called the show with my cousins during the weekend. It's a catchy song. The song also appear in the movie Moneyball.

When I have a bad day I usually listen to classical music from movies (usually sci-fi or other adventure movies), I find it is very motivating and stops me getting frustrated.

Well,In a bad day I will listen to some light music to keep change my mind and make myself stress free....The light music makes you calm and droves away your problems....

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The light music makes you calm and droves away your problems....

Might have to agree with you with that one

Silence is the best music (c) Miles Davis

If I have a bad day I listen to songs which will lighten up my mood and help me divert my mind and relax, no band or singer in particular.

New Age sounds. A little Meditation and some Cafe de Luna, and all is well :)


Bob Marley, Eric Donaldson, Gregory Isaacs and classic roots from back in time does it for me

I saw Gregory Isaacs play in Brixton, South London, a good thirty years ago now. Awesome gig, I think Lynton Kwesi Johnson was supporting if my memory is holding up OK.

i mostly like to listen Everybody hurts by The Corrs... its really soothing and makes you feel as if you are not alone.. everybody has a bad day!

Soft and light music makes me feel good.

im going through a terrible emotional stage.. becasue of my breakup.. and i realize that i have stoppped listening to music.. music was once in my breath.. but now i feel i am no more interested in music!!!! :(

I generally put on some old school German industrial - Kraftwerk, Rammstein, einstürzende neubauten - I am accepting nominations for more.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was Anthony Kiedis birthday a couple weeks ago. The song is Under the Bridge.

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On the other hand, I also use classical music especially the piano work of Glenn Gould - that guy is so good both as a concert musician and as the master of studio recording. Here is really cool part, if you listen really close you can hear Glenn humming along with his playing. I know, I know - the musician should disappear into the music but since Glenn could have removed himself from the music in the studio - it implies that as a musician, he wants to be in the music. Check out his Goldberg Variations sometime (er, of course you know Bach wrote the Variations). Some people think his focus on the G.V. drove him crazy.