These people are visually skilled

I have a client who is **struggling with Dreamweaver 3. These people are visually skilled and can make a good looking document in Photoshop Or a word processing program but they are not programmers. They do need to add images. I would appreciate your input this is not part of my skill set.
Many thanks I promised to tell you what they implement and how they get on with it.
* enjoy your weekend and have some fun Best regards David
**Note of interest or not
****** This text was Made using voice recognition on apples mountain lion using a built-in microphone with the radio playing in the background and only required a little editing. Its not as good as Nuances Mac Dictate and it only works if you have a web connection.

You haven't provided a lot of detail but maybe they should be using a content management system (e.g. Wordpress) instead of building with Dreamweaver. If they are committed to using Dreamweaver then they should probably get some training. I don't think that they need programming skills to use Dreamweaver but they do need to understand how to use it. Even for a content management system, some initial training may be required if they aren't very technically literate.

Depending on how complex the site is, it may be worth just learning basic HTML and CSS. I learnt this in an afternoon and the next day managed to program a basic website. It's not that difficult.

If its more complex then its probably easier to find some video tutorials on youtube or somewhere on how to do various operations in Dreamweaver. The internet is full of answers....just take a look