If you check the wikipedia article on Piet Hein you will see that the Consolation Grook was actually an allegory for freedon (one glove) and patriotism (the other glove) during the Nazi occupation.

Ok, another one comes here....
"When a lion is in trouble, even a frog kicks him."

Hi, I think it cannot be categorized as lion or frog as anyone whether small or big, can make any difference and as we say
"Where there's a need of a small pin, a sword cannot replace its use."

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For those who are interested in the OP: poetry about your own creation, I found an interesting site for atheists:


However, I found the quality of the poetry rather poor and the content just anti-religious as opposed to celebrating the ability to express ideas, freed from the shackles of dogma. Some of them are as cringeworthy as their religious counterparts.

One self-created (hope you would like it)...

"Let go of the fears that have bounded you for years,
Let go of the ego that has always stopped you to grow.
Now is the time you will do something better,
Now is the era when the souls will shatter.
For you have travelled and come so far,
And now you will travel behind the big star.
Care for all and forgive them now,
Respect your self and the world will bow.
Today is the day you've waited so long,
So go and tell this day this very song.
The future is ours and ours all alone,
Pick up yourself and reach the milestone".

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It was quite good until the last line. The awkward 'milestone' totally wrecked the rhythm for me.

commented: Thanks for liking as well as suggesting that I could do better ahead :) +0

Haha...will try another one then some day :)

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Oh darn - I now see what "self-created" means - I thought it was referring to the post on creationism. Apologies - my critique was quite blunt.

well, let's give it a try like KM499.

Shiver shroud and thunder
Yonder lies a silent beast
Morning's daily cycle
Time to ponder, no relief

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@diafol...No need for apologies man, I really appreciate if someone helps me to grow by pointing out where I could do better...So, no matter what you perceived of "self-created", it will surely help me in future :)

@ddanbe...Good one indeed :)

Another one..but this time its someone else's.....

"Fear is the lack of faith" :)

A rather strange source of poems is to have a poem as mnemonic for the digits of pi.
Example(the length of the words give the digits):

I wish I could determine pi
Eureka, cried the great inventor
Christmas pudding, Christmas pie
Is the problem's very center.

"When an elephant is in trouble, even a frog kicks him"

It seems I get my inspiration and muse in the morning:

Daring dafodils
in morning's chilly gloom
will they blossom
before noon?


Though learning none hath he, yet let him hear alway: 
In weakness this shall prove a staff and stay.

Although a man be without learning, let him listen (to the teaching of the learned) that will be to him a staff in adversity.

One Statement from the movie "Lord Of The Rings" (One of my favourites too)...
"If there is something good in this world, then its worth fighting for...!!!"

1 from the section of my website that I call "Poetry (sort of)"

The velociraptor of C++,
was talking to a poet thus:
the poet spoke, with some remorse,
“It's hard to fit your name in verse.”
The raptor to the poet said
“No it's not 'cos my name's Fred.
I see your error, you're confusing,
class and instance, how amusing.”

Everyone you meet
is fighting a battle you
know nothing about.

Be kind.