hallo everyone

its time to fun.which is your favourite game?

I'm playing WoW and Diablo3 right now.

Settler's of Cataan or Archipelago - neither of which is computer based.

I'm a Xbox 360 kind of guy and right now I'm going through the Assassins Creed games again.

Nice to hear im on Black Flag getting trophies for the PS3

If favourite means most time spent playing, it would be The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, though I've spent a lot of time playing Settlers of Catan too. I also enjoy the Lego computer games & Lego the physical object.

An oldy but goody:
Age of Empires II

I find it very relaxing, yet challenging.

The only game I played pretty much was Runescape, but none anymore only coding now =)

I still play runescape at times... i tend to ask people who quit if i can inherit their account's bank now a days...

commented: Kind of became pointless to me after I reached trimmed Comp :p +0

@slavi, you still play rs?

Im slaying ghosts on PS3 if you want anyone my PSN tag is RKCJAD3 I tink or is it RCKJAD3

I'm old school so chess for me!

Im above ranks in ghosts im currently sitting in position 883696 in te world on Team Deathmatch