the game unturned is running with low fps. I have a late 2011 MacBook pro. 2.4ghz cpu i5.
intel hd 3000, 512mb. with bloom and light shafts I'm getting about 29fps. when I turn up the detail distance it drops to 6fps. clearly 2.4ghz is fast enough not to do this.

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Let's read a bit about the Intel HD 3000 test results. shows a sea of red with many zeros and single digit results. What made you think this graphics solution was better?

It's not the CPU at issue here, it's the graphics solution (which is, well, how to write nice here?)

What is this 512MB? Directions unclear. If system RAM, you must be a very patient person.

Yes. Its your graphics hardware, not the CPUs. A 2.4 i5 will be perfectly adequate with a decent graphics card. One of my machines has HD3000 graphics. Its fine for ordinary "business" use, but hopeless for real-time 3d games.

my system has 8gb ram. i have got the latest intel hd graphics drivers but its still not working

@fallout4player. I supplied examples of the framerates you are seeing. It looks to me it's working as expected.

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