Hi all, I hope you are well. I have just noticed that my solved thread count as it appears in forum posts is one less than the count on my profile. This seemed odd, so I looked at some other members profiles and posts and noticed that their solved thread count was constant in both areas. This is not a big deal really, I just wondered if it was something that Dani should know about. Like I say, I didn't notice the issue on any of the other members' profiles/posts I looked at.
EDIT: I noticed this first yesterday, and since then my solved count has gone up (not in an unexpected way - mind).

Somehow something got cached wrong. I rebuilt your user profile (told the database to recalculate stuff) and it all seems to have sorted itself out on its own.

P.S theres a bug whereby a thread (reported post) in the staff-only area which i posted in (cant remember if i actually marked it solved myself though) is being counted towards my solved count.

It shouldn't or else mods will have hundreds of times more solved threads than everyone else.

Solved threads in that board were never counted before? (and i know that reporting doesnt count towards post count either)

How do you know it is?

If i go onto my profile:

and click where it says

"How helpful is jbennet at answering questions?
Forum threads marked solved after jbennet replied to them: 478"

it links me to:


Where it shows this (see first entry)

How do you know it is?

It says (In threads)
Posts: 15,589

But on my Profile:
Replies and Comments: 15,410

How does that work?

It says you have that many replies and comments but it also says you have an additional 179 posts as the OP for threads you started.

See post #3 i edited it and atached a screenshot about the solved threads thing, its definatelty counting reported posts