I think Dani and her designer are doing a really good job with the site. I don't fully understand trending topics yet, but I'll get the hang of a thread with one post being the number one trending topic.

Anyways we should really be thanking Dani and her designer for spending so much time working on improving the site. We have to realize that this is a new layout and that there will be some things will just have to get used to.

Besides the trending topic section I like the site design, it is really clean. Kudos to Dani and her designer.

jephthah commented: brownie hound :P +0

I'm still really having a hard time with the gray-on-gray quotes with jumbo "Quote" title bar and micro-text quote content. It's virtually unreadable and completely inverts the importance of the quote itself. It's like a trumpet "HERE IS A QUOTE" and then whispering the quote itself.

The font size on it is made worse by the fact that I have to browse the site with the size scaled back one notch. The normal scale looks like one of those senior citizen phone pads or something Fisher-Price would put out for 2-year-olds to play and learn with.

IMO, the problem really isn't the font size but the spacing used for each and every post. And things look *big* on this site due to the font size used for things like the buttons below the quick reply box, the thread listing of each forum etc.

Though I agree that layout used by sites like PureMVC forums, iroWiki would be easier on the eye...

It's mostly the thread listing that forces me to scale the size back in the browser, but the posts themselves still look a bit too big at "normal" size as well.