hi guys,
i can post separate answer to my question but how can i make comments on my prev messages? can't see anything about comment (I'm logged in and I'm on my own thread).

There's not really a comment feature for posts. You really have only two options at present:

  1. Give the post positive or negative rep with the up or down arrows, respectively. This gives you the option to include a reputation comment.
  2. Reply to the thread with a quote. The easiest way is to click the Post Reply button on the post you're replying to. This will start a new post with the full contents in quote tags.
commented: so this is my first 'comment' then... :) +0

Bearing in mind what Narue has said, you cant use the first option as you can't give yourself rep except for other posts made by other members

so someone else should start the sequence, right?

If sequence means a thread or post by another member, then yes. If we could all give reps to ourselves, then mine should be uncountable now.