I want to make a user profile , where in the people can login and fill in profile details .

Well basically i am wanting to make a connection between the alumni of my college with the existing students. So , i initially thought of making the alumni registered and display their profiles on the alumni page of college website.

I would be glad if you could help me out in going about this thing , since i am a noob in this field .

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So what do you need? Google php login scripts and profile pages!
If you want to roll your own:

1) login form - can be an 'include file' that can be placed on a number of pages.
2) login form handler script (avoid placing this on the same page as the login form)
3) register form - put this on a dedicated page
4) register form handler script (again avoid placing this on the same page as the registration form) - sends confirmation link to user's email address
5) registration confirmation page - processes the confirmation link sent to user's email.
6) edit profile page - allows users to edit their own profile (secure)
7) memberlist page - list of all members* - loads of options for this!

* you can list members as:

1) a straight list, with a link to a profile page
2) a list of members, each with a profile
3) a mixture of the above, using javascript or ajax to display their profile in-page or in a lightbox when a link (their name?) is clicked.

You may want to set up a forum or something similar for your members to communicate. This forum type thingy could even handle your login/registration for you.

Well thanks for such elaborate reply .. it was really helpful .
I am fully aware of forum (phpbb) and this interface doesnt require that , cuz , i want the current college students to have an interaction with the alumni , not the alumni among themselves .

So , for the current students , they can search for alumni members and based on the search result , the suitable profiles must be displayed .

The next step what i thought of was, when the profile is displayed , i also wanted the questions previously asked to him , to be displayed in a fashion of comment and reply.
the reply option must be visible only for the alumni member (who logins) and the comment ( or ask question) must be available for the visitor . In this all the questions and the reply of alumni members can be displayed.

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This sounds similar to a ticket system.
The key adrea of this will be DB design - everything else will be easy. I really don't want to do this for you, but here are a few pointers:

alumni table:
al_id, pw, email, other profile info fields

visitor table:
vis_id, pw, email, other profile info fields

post_id, vis_id, al_id, other fields

Replies can either be placed in the posts table or in a dedicated table if you want to allow ongoing discussions (more like a blog post feature).

You could have an email system that notifies alumni when a question is posed to them. Likewise a visitor/student can be notified when they receive a reply.

Ensure that questions remain invisible unless a reply is offered - so only the alumnus concerned can them.

In addition, as opposed to a blog post system, only the original poster and the almunus can post to that 'thread'. It's not a free-for-all.

This is all controlled via the vis_id and al_id values in the posts table.

i appreciate your help , and i intend to do this all by myself .
Its just that , i am pretty good in making the front ends with jquery and joomla and other web tools . But a little naive when comes to server side scripting.

Use the database design suggested by 'arday' And also create a table called 'al_profile'


require once'auth.php';

$con = mysql_connect("db_host", "db_user", "db_pwd");
if (!$con)
  die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error());

mysql_select_db("name_of_db", $con);

$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM al_profile WHERE member_id='".$_SESSION['SESS_AL_ID'] ."'");

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
  echo "Live in: "."<b>".$row['Address']."</b>"."    |    "."Born on : "."<b>".$row['Birthdate']."</b>"."    |    " ."Gender : "."<b>".$row['Gender']."</b>"; 



This gives you an alumni's profile. Add more row s and use the same code. You can also use a search algorithm to display the list of alumni for better results like done on 'facebook'. After that use the hints given by 'arday' and create a HTML form and whatever fields you want.


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You're almost 2 years too late anand. :(
Check the last post date next time!

Ardav am actually having such difficult now, can you advise me on how to go about, since by now you would have been very good at it.

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So what do you want? Post your code.

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