:?:Advice and opinions required please.

Would I.T people from DaniWeb actually phone me up at home saying I they thought I had a corrupt PC due to my threds posted.
The Chap called himself "DAN" from Daniweb. Asked for a phone number and was eventually given on "08081890481".
Did try to return call later but gave out a strange dial tone.....

Spooky however, that my PC did have problems weeks before until I did a complete reinstall.

Any views out there - except to stop wasting my time typing and worrying about this. He did sound very convincing - second call I`ve had - where they try to get you to install a "remote access", onto your PC.

looking fwd to replys

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they try to get you to install a "remote access", onto your PC.

Of course it's genuine, why else would they ask to control your PC?

I Know, I know but sounded soooooooooooooooo plausable at the time.

Someone is going to fall for it.

Come on folks, me shoulders are broad................

What more are you expecting?

Yes, it's a scam. No, they are not from DaniWeb. Case closed.

You don't even have other threads posted here, so referencing your posting history makes little sense.

You don't by any chance save the caller ID, do you? It is actually something I would seriously consider a potential lawsuit for ... Scammers going around USING MY NAME AND REPUTATION as part of the scam. What's even worse is Dani is a nickname for Danielle ... So the scammer didn't even get it right calling himself Dan!

Makes me mad :(

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The 'you have a problem, give us remote access, pay us a fee to resolve it, and we'll install some malware at the same time' is a very common scam this side of the pond, most often leveraging the reputations of Microsoft or Dell (most likely to hit a victim using either a Dell PC or running Windows) and heavily reported in the tech press over the last 18 months or so - I lose count of the number of words I have written on the subject warning people about the scams, or explaining how they work.

Interestingly, most of these scams use call centre operations set up in India to do the phoning. Looking at the UK caller ID/number you have for the call (0808 189 0481) this links to a company called SugarCRM Consulting which appears to have a connection with Veon Consulting which appears to be based in India- a quick bit of Googling reveals. Not that I'm suggesting that either company is party to any illegal activity, but it might be a good start for any investigation you wish to carry out Dani...

Hi Danielle,
I did try to get calling number but that was withheld.
The number he gave me was of course incorrect. I did try phoning back.
As Mr Happygeek has said all, I`ll just fill in a few details of the nature of my concerns and that all sorts of scams are very common over here in the UK.

The first chap to ring seemed definitly from a call type centre -noise in backgrown - but that could be faked as well. He was of Indian origin and I couldn`t understand much of what he was saying. He lost his rag a bit when I refused to give him details andenter patches onto my PC -- "As he was there to HELP ME, I should comply. Tried to get contact and calling numbers , No Joy!

The second chap - sounded English - came over as Very Genuine and concerned ( as he would ) about me infecting their system....... His name was Dan from Daniweb. That part I thought really rang true , but Only when he tried to get me to install their remote did I say get lost and put the phone down.

yeah generally its indian people calling up pensioners in the UK pretending to be from MS support and wanting money to fix some problem. Total scam, quite a problem here.

Cheers everyone,
will go put it to bed - But I will only dream that someone would drop a heavy load of something smelly onto these Low Life.