Hey guys!

I started learning Python 3 four days ago and I wrote a little command line RSS Reader (~120 lines) using the feedparser module.
The rss reader currently has a menu, and also receives command line arguments (run the script with "-h" or "--help" for more info).

It has functionalities like adding/removing URLs from the feeds and reading those feeds.
What I'm asking from you is if anyone wants and has the time to go trough my code, try the script out and get me any feedback, like what should I do next, add any new features or point out some mistakes that I have made while coding. Criticism is welcomed (just keep in mind that I started learning Python few days ago, so don't be too harsh )!

I know I didn't say very much about the RSS reader, but in fact there isn't too much to say. It's a really simple script, but it would mean a lot to me if you can get me any feedback so I can look into the errors I made and fix them (and learn even more while doing it!)

You can get the code HERE.

Thank you for reading!

Post the code here next time, and if you feel it's a good quality code post it as a snippet!

#Forcing feedparser module in path
import os, sys
feedparser_dir = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)), "feedparser")
if feedparser_dir not in sys.path:
  sys.path.insert(0, feedparser_dir)

import feedparser
import pickle   
import time
from collections import defaultdict

def storeToDB(feeds):
  '''A function that gets an argument: all the feeds urls into an list and stores it into a file on disk.'''
    with open('feedurls.data', 'wb') as data_file:
      pickle.dump(feeds, data_file)
    print("All RSS Feeds stored!")    
  except IOError as ioerr:
    print("Error occured: ", ioerr)

def loadFromDB():
  '''A function that retrieves all the feeds urls from a file on disk, and returns it.'''
    with open("feedurls.data", "rb") as data_file:
      tmp = pickle.load(data_file)
  except IOError:
    tmp = []
  return tmp
def getRSS(feed_urls):
  '''A function that parses all the feed results for the URLs in feed_urls array and prints the results in human readable form.'''
  feed_results = defaultdict(list)
  for url in feed_urls: 
    tmp = feedparser.parse(url)
    for entry in tmp.entries[:10]:
      feed_results[tmp.feed.title].append([entry.updated_parsed, entry.title, entry.link])
  for feed_name, entries in feed_results.items():
    print("Feed for: ",feed_name)
    for entry in entries:
      print("[Posted:] {0}\t[Title:] {1}\t[URL:] {2}".format(time.asctime(entry[0]), entry[1], entry[2]))

def printMenu():
  print("Welcome to my console RSS reader!")
  print("1. Enter a new feed url")
  print("2. Read RSS")
  print("3. Delete feed url")
  print("4. Exit RSS Reader")

def invokeMenu(feed_urls):
  while True:
    while True:
        menu_input = int(input("Choose an option [1, 2, 3, 4]: "))
        if 1 > menu_input > 4 :
          raise ValueError
      except ValueError:
        print("No such option, please try again.")
      except KeyboardInterrupt:

    if menu_input == 4:

    elif menu_input == 1:
      feed_url = str(input("Please enter the url to the RSS feed: "))
      print("The Feed URL has been saved.")

    elif menu_input == 2:

    elif menu_input == 3:
      cnt = 0
      for url in feed_urls:
        print("{0}. {1}".format(cnt+1, url))
        del_choose = int(input("Enter the number of the feed you want to delete:"))
        del feed_urls[del_choose-1]   
      except KeyboardInterrupt:
        print("That record cannot be deleted/doesn't exist.")

def main(): 
  feed_urls = loadFromDB()
  if len(sys.argv) < 2:
  elif sys.argv[1] == "-r":
  elif sys.argv[1] == "-a":
    print("URL: {0} added to database.".format(sys.argv[2]))
  elif sys.argv[1] == "-d":
    print("Not available yet!")
  elif sys.argv[1] == "--help" or sys.argv[1] == "-h":
    print("Feedzor - a CLI RSS Reader")
    print("No Arguments : Loads an interactive menu.")
    print("-r : Prints all RSS from DB")
    print("-a <url to rss> : Adds an URL to the database.")
    print("-d <url to rss> : Deletes that url from the database.")

if __name__ == "__main__":

Here is the code, I hope it is readable:)

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