What is the recommended way to make changes to a code snippet that I have posted after the half-hour edit period is over? Would it be to add another posting with the new code or make a new posting and somehow invalidate the original, or could the edit period be reactivated or is it something else altogether? Is there a community concensus on how to edit a code snippet?

After the 30 minute cutoff, you can't edit your original post. You now have two options:

  • Make a new post with the suggested edit
  • "Flag bad post" your original post and request a moderator to make changes on your behalf

I personally feel that the first option makes more sense since you don't have to wait for a moderator to make the changes so that you/others can see them. So yes, just make a new post saying that "edit: new snippet here" or something along those lines.

I would suggest replying to the code snippet with a version change.