Lately I have seen several threads that people have "tagged" as intended. Why is tagged in quotes? Because instead of putting keywords into the tags box, users are describing the question they're asking in the thread, and thus creating tags that look this way:

Time zone
how to find frame a standardize date time common for various zone?

I cant create code login
3 users using the login page

How to cancel an add operation
cancel add operation and display last record from recordset

So, here's my suggestion: Make it so that when the user types a new tag, after hitting spacebar triggers an event that turns the last word into a 'tag' element/box/whatever. That way, there's a more clear idea that what you're inputting into the textbox are tags, and is not meant for a sentence or a description.

I've seen these as well, and it's somewhat frustrating given the point of tags. I'll look into a programmatic solution, but in the meantime, please report those posts so that a mod can fix the tags.

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The Youtube video uploader has a great implementation of this - works on 'Enter' though not spacebar. I doubt 'enter' would work with these people.

Reporting is deffo the way forward until/unless a coding fix comes along, that way we can heal the madness :)

I think the former tumblr approach might be a better solution: Showing a suggestion box with the most popular tags, and after the user hits spacebar turning it into a box with the word showing in it.

Somewhat like it is now, except now it doesn't put it into a box, but attach a '#' before the word (or words, since it works with commas)

Clicking on the tags will delete them, and this is hinted by adding a stroke to the tag on hover. Perhaps it might be more intuitive to put a small 'x' on the corner.