Hi Friends, I have created a website www.overween.com four months ago but I still dont know how to give tags in a post? Are tags important for SEO or not?? Please help me.

piyushmehta962 commented: yes meta tags are important +0

your site will be on lower pages in search engines and hence.. low traffic and less profit :P

What are h1 h2 h3 tags?? please help me

Title tags influence your SEO initiatives, so they are considered highly important in how well your web site does in the search engine rankings. Title tags show up in search engine result listings and play a key role in how your web site is received. In fact, title tags are as important to your site’s popularity as are the links directed to your web pages and the content on your site. While SEO professionals understand title tag seo importance, this key factor is often bypassed by owners of websites when they are trying to optimize their sites.

A meta tag is a statement used for HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) that defines some of the content on a web page. The meta tag is necessary in order to index the page so people needing access to the information provided on the web page can easily locate it. While there are a variety of meta tags used, when it comes to indexing, the meta tags for the description and keywords are the most important – all essential information for describing a page’s contents. Usually, the description meta tag is comprised of a short review of one or two sentences about a page’s content. By using good meta tags then, you can increase your page’s popularity in the SERPs.

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