Chps still having big problems uploading java files onto the forum, I keep getting the below error a7770cd5e7699bf618ad96734e519ad8

why do you need to upload java files? there are several alternatives:
use pastebin, or another site and provide a link to where your code can be found.
upload an archive containing the files
put the code in your posts themselves

yeah sure, I mean I know about the alternatives (I ended up zipping everything), but that's not exactly the point. The problem is that - at least for me - the upload doesn't work, and if the functionality is there I think that it should be working, does it make sense? If it doesn't we might as well not have it. It seems to me to be a problem with .java files because I have managed to upload an image

We may be checking for the wrong MIME type. I'll see what I can see when I get a chance to run some tests. Our company (my day job, not Daniweb) just got sold, so this week may be hectic for me.

no worries, I didn't mean to sound annoying or anything, at the end of the day as stultuske pointed out there are other ways to do it, my point was just that it has been broken for a while and it might be good to fix since we offer the option.
Good luck with your company and job then

What file extension are you trying to upload?

Hi Dani, I seem to be experiencing problems just with .java files