(Off topic? if so, sorry)
Why are my posts here not color coding when I use the 'Code' or 'Inline Code' entries? E.g.:

var x = 1;
function    callme(y)   {
    // comment

They end up all green or red.

This time they did??? must have interpreted my post text...

OK try:
SELECT t.* FROM ttable AS t WHERE t.id = 1

One last go:

// posting test
$x = 1;
function    callme($y)   {
    // comment

Do you have an example of a post where your code doesnt format properly?

OK, I have to eat my code. Looks like it is working. Right after a post, I have seen it all a uniform color. Does it help to add tags to the code post, e.g. <?php or <script> or <style> to help it along?
Sorry to waste your time.

Code highlighting doesn't run after a post is submitted. If you reload the page, your code will be displayed with highlighting.

OK, now I've seen, immediately after posting, no color. Refresh page and color is added. I'm not totally crazy.

Yea, the need to refresh after posting causes a few problems, at least for me. Try editing a post a couple times without refresh -- some edits will be lost and you'll have to do it all over again.