Greetings everybody,

I have been using Code::Blocks for only a few days. I have developed lots of GUI applications in other IDEs. But, when I try to start a GUI project in Code::Blocks, I am having compile error, even thoough I change nothing in the generated project. I mean, even though I click to button build & run the project, it results in error.

What might be the problem?

As an example of errors I am having:
...my_path... "/GUIFrame.cpp|31|error: expected ‘;’ before ‘wxMenuBar’|"
and the related line of the code is as follows:

 helpMenu = new wxMenu();
    wxMenuItem* menuHelpAbout = new wxMenuItem( helpMenu, idMenuAbout, wxString( wxT("&About") ) + wxT('\t') + wxT("F1"), wxT("Show info about this application"), wxITEM_NORMAL );
    helpMenu->Append( menuHelpAbout );

What would you suggest me to solve this problem? By the way, I am using Ubuntu.

Thanks in advance

Do you have wxWidgets installed?
From the look of the one error you've listed, i'm guessing you don't.... Otherwise, it could be that the path to the wx libraries have not been set up properly.

The project templates in C::B will only work if the libraries the project depends on are installed and configured correctly.

For wxWidgets on Ubuntu, you'll need the wxwidgets-dev package. Can't remember the exact name for the package... On my phone ATM! I don't have my laptop handy!