I kinda like the idea behind the static/fixed header, but I was wondering if there's any chance to actually extend it, and add the user information to it, like this:


It was decided not to do that because many people have laptops with widescreen monitors, and vertical real estate is very important. The static header doesn't show at all if you have a very low resolution. However, for middle of the road folks, I chose to display the least amount that you would most likely want access to as you read a thread and scroll down the page (quick access to the homepage and the ability to search). The ability to edit your profile and such are things you do so infrequently that it's not necessary for the links to take up screen real estate and always be visible no matter what.

Most of the quick links you would want access to as you navigate the site are actually in the footer toolbar. Especially the Recommended button :)

Thank you for your feedback though!! Much appreciated. If anyone else has a thought on the matter, please feel free to bring it up.

Am not sure where I saw this, but on one site I saw the header height smaller when scrolling down (smaller font). Kinda liked the idea. I'll see if I can find it.

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Have you realised that the fixed header in its shortened form (just the DW link and the search bar) has a sort of invisible overlay of about 1-2cm beneath it, that prevents you from clicking anything in that area?

Using Chrome (latest) / Win7

THis has been going on for a while though.

Opera/IE too, on Win7/Win8.

Bug fixed.

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Is it just me, or the navbar in the fix header is not staying fixed? (the navbar with all the topics - accessing it via this link Click Here). When using the main link to browse, it stays fixed, but when I'm browsing a thread - any thread, it stays at the top of the page... 17c3de7a0609af368f8adb602fa193e5

Isn't that how it's supposed to work? When scrolling through a thread only the <DANIWEB> link and search bar are fixed. The other lines are also fixed when scrolling through menus.

The navigation menu stays fixed when on the homepage and navigation pages such as forum listings. However, it does not stay fixed when reading forum threads. The reason is because having dropdown menus that could potentially cover up an AdSense ad is against Google's terms of service, and we have AdSense ads on thread pages. Frustrating, I know.

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Strange behaviour - in single article view, when I scroll down the topstrip and the navbar disappear, leaving just the DW image and the searchbar. This is consistent - the hidden items only reappearing when I scroll back to the top. However, if I open the devtools (console) in Chrome - I was looking to see how I could override the behaviour :) - the fixed nature of the header disappeared. So it seems opening the devtools gets rid of the fixed header entirely.

Using latest stable Chrome / W7

Ah! It's cutting down the vertical view length - so it's reverting to small screen mode. OK, ignore me.

Yes, if there's a small vertical resolution, we don't waste those precious pixels with a fixed header.