Hey Guys hiee,
I am new to VB.net. I am making an application which should run on mutiple pc. In that application there are two main accounts 1) Admin Account and 2) Other User Account. I want multiple "Other User Account" user to connect/access application simultaneously.

And tell me one other thing, if I install my application on Server in LAN environment, could Other User access that application simultaneously?

Thanks in advance.

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The short (and not very useful) answer is "it depends". For vb.net apps that I write for my own use, I do not bother to create an installer. I just copy the the entire project folder to an "apps" folder and run the app directly from the bin\release folder. This only works because I already have all of the components that I need due to having Visual Studio installed. As an added benefit, the apps folder also serves as a repository for production code. I can continue to modify the original project files while keeping the production code intact.

If all of the computers that will be running the application have all the required components installed then you might be able to do the same. One way to tell is to copy the files to the server and try running the app from the target computers.

If this works then you have the added advantage of only having to update one set of files when you make changes. The downside is that you can't do the update if anyone is running the application.

Yes "Reverend Jim" I got your point. But consider following scenario, suppose there are two offices in two different cities which are connected through VPN.

Now if both of these offices wants to use my same application. How can I make this happen?

Just take an example of simple Employee info Management system. Please help me to proceed further, If both offices wants to use the same application for managing their Employees, how can i code this?

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