I continue to nag about making the Post a New Thread button more visually obvious. I remember having a hard time finding it, and now some newbie is on IRC chat trying to find out how to post a new thread.

Usability-wise, I keep getting the impression that this forum is pretty bad. It could be made so much better.

Really? Please ... suggestions ... tell me ... :)

Put a button on the right, above the search box. And make it catch the eye. Or so I would recommend. Or keep it in the same location, but make it catch the eye.

On the home page, I'd recommend having a listing of all your main forums (using short names, like "C/C++", "PHP", and such) packed together in a wide rectangle, under an oval banner titled, "forums", beneath "DaniWeb Home / Forum Index" and above the bar and ad beneath. Or if you want to keep that ad in the same position there, put the forum names to the left of the ad and push the blog entries listing down.

Pleasing changes, i agree but not necessary.

dont move the post buttons i like it the way it is

Since I failed to find the way to post new thread Iam, posting it here can you post it in forum.

I am using widows media player 10 (WMP sdk 10 is installed in my pc) and vb.net 2005, when I play clips from my play list for first few times it plays well but after some time all the video clips from my play list are playing in upwards down ( I mean, people's head is at down in WMP and legs are up).

Can any one tell me why it is happening and how to solve this problem.

To replay same play list, I am calling STOP player, CLEAR player and then filling play list again then use PLAY player method.


And also can u help to find out my thread replies.

i sent you an email

to check for replies click control panel at the top

You replied by pressing a big yellow 'Reply to this Thread' button, to start a new thread go to the forum home page and click the one, in the same place on the page, that says 'Start New Thread' instead.

You need to make that a blinking sign that changes color frequently so that people will notice it. And the letters should scroll across the screen similar to scrolling banners.:)