Anyone else experiencing lag of between 5 and 20 seconds when loading a new page? Started about 30 minutes ago for me, pages start to load and show the first couple of posts in a forum and then stall for a while as the browser waits for

Not me, am running Opera.

Hmmm, seems OK now. Might have been at my end, but was only impacting on DaniWeb pages nothing else.

I don't get a lag seeing the text appear, however, I do see a lag of up to 30 seconds before the drop-down menus appear. The page loads, the spinner in the tab stops indicating activity, the "page rendered" stats appear at the bottom of the page but none of the menus work. This has been going on for many days now and I have mentioned this to Dani.

Everything seems to working just fine for me

I changed something over the weekend. Not within the past couple of hours, though.

I have a little lag, but it isn't that bad. I've expirienced worse before.

Probably just client-side and server-side interference because if it was on your end it was probably just an error from your web-browser.

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