When creating new item (post/article or whatever you call it), there is dropdown called Type of Article where you can select different types of article/post. While I understand the idea behind it, I dont understand what changes when user selects each option available there? At least change is not visible (from user scope; dont know how its from mod/admin scope).

Id understand that each option is followed by, say, template user has to fill in, or otherwise input data (by selecting values from dropdowns etc).

And another thing - when user edits own article/post, and want to do complete rewrite (with changing type) - it cannot be done, because Type of Article field is uneditable (in article/post edit mode - what is this mode for?)..... makes absolutely no sense.....

At least change is not visible

Change is visible if you switch from article to code snippet for example. The latter is not available in this sub-forum, but is in some others.

Moderators can change the type of article at a later time. The reason you can't is because, while you have the ability to do things such as create editorial drafts, you don't have the ability (as a non-staff writer) to actually create articles ready to be published.

What is there to buy? I'm simply telling you how our system works.

I still dont know why Im not able to change this?

You just can't, like everyone else. Accept it.

@Wojciech Really I don't understand why you don't start your own forum project with your own features. Obviously, you have many ideas about how to improve existing software, so why not host a new engine on github ? When it works, you could perhaps attract webmasters' interest in your project.