It’s not low quality. It shows up in the recommended feed just fine.

alan.davies commented: He he. I thought it was rubbish because there was no response to it. Oh well. ;) +0

Nope, it was just posted in the wrong forum. I'm quick to respond to anything in the DaniWeb Feedback forum but I don't frequent the main Community Center / Geeks' Lounge.

Ah. As I am Android most of time I don't get to see the full forum list...

Sorry can't upload the screenshot. All I see is the feedback tag not the subforum. Sorry all didn't mean to hijack this thread.

Test attaching screenshot.

Oooh, finally an example of an image that error'ed! OK, I can fix this now :)

One moment ...

OK, now that one bug is squashed, onto the forum listing.

In the screenshot you've provided, I see:

-> Community Center
-----> DaniWeb Community Feedback
----------> Area 51 (Sub-forum)
----------> Start New Topic
----------> Latest Topics

Additionally, you have the DaniWeb Community Feedback forum open (since the folder is open). Within the feedback forum is the sub-forum, a link to start a new topic, a link to latest topics, and popular tags. You simply needed to click on that "Start New Topic" link immediately beneath the Area 51 folder within your screenshot to start a new topic within the feedback forum.

My point was that I don't get to see the full text of the forum so I had no idea what it was. The name is long so it's truncated. BTW I'm getting broken link on that url to screenshot i provided.

Ah, yes, I will work on a fix for the truncating.

commented: BTW it's happening on my desktop too - no tooltip to show rest of forum or subforum name either. +0