Hey Dani, when i kept my mouse over the CODE SNIPPETS its drops down a list. The Entire site listbox covers the PHP section.. I don't know whether the problem is with my IE.. Ive attached the screen shot, have a look at it. The file won't be that clear but you will get the idea of what i was trying to say.

This didn't happen to me. But I will say that I have had problems with the screen previews sticking before. I have moved my cursor over a link in which a screen preview pops up and sticks with my mouse :-/

It's a well-known IE6 bug. There is a JavaScript workaround but the extra bulk is not worth it to me since FireFox is unaffected and the bug has been corrected in IE7.

Ah, okay.. I might have been using IE.. but I usually only use Opera or Firefox.

There is a known issue where the drop down boxes will have the search box showing through them etc.... This is an IE6 bug.

I have had it happen in Firefox when the click element was in an ad.

Dani was rite. It worked fine on the Firefox browser.