All 3 major game consoles have been released -- Microsoft's Xbox 360, Nintendo's Wii, and Sony's Playstation 3. Out of all of these, the PlayStation 3 appears to be losing. Why? The previous generation console, the PS2, dominated consoles created by Microsoft and Nintendo.

The answer lies in the companies objectives when creating their console. Microsoft basically created something with better graphics, and focused on what was most popular in their previous console: Xbox Live. The graphics aren't a huge leap on all games, but they found what worked. They're doing alright.

Nintendo decided to think outside the box. They wanted to create a controller that would basically reinvent the steering wheel, make gaming more fun, and create something different. The Wii's controller is what makes the Wii popular. The graphics aren't totally great, yet the Wii is selling well.

Sony on the other hand, decided to future-proof their console. They added Blu-ray support, even though games don't really need it right now. Adding megabit ethernet is relatively cheap, so that wasn't much of a stretch. But then on top of that, they created the fastest game console, with the highest graphics card they could possibly afford. Then they see Wii's controller, and attempt to add that to the package as well.

The end result is that although the Xbox 360 and Wii are selling well, and Playstation 3 is lagging. But here is what Sony really did: they tried to create the fastest, best, future-proofed game console. They created a very powerful console, true. But non-geeks don't necesarrily appreciate powerful innards. They want fun. And they don't want to pay an arm and a leg to get it. That's what makes them a gamer. If they were a geek that appreciated the innards and wanted real power, they would buy a computer, or build their own. Not buy from Sony.

So Sony is essentially trying to crush the competitors, believing that content is king. But what they should be doing is aiming at creating a fun package without making people go without supper for a few nights to be able to buy it.

Perhaps Microsoft will find yet another area in which it can dominate. Or maybe Nintendo will be able to regain its former glory. Sony? I doubt it.

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Dani 1,775

I have an XBox 360 and have my eyes on a Nintendo Wii. No interest in Sony PS3. The reason? I am not a hardcore gamer, and enjoy my XBox 350 games of UNO, PGA Tour Golf, Sonic the Hedgehog, and various racing games. I am looking forward to getting a Wii because I understand it will be able to run all previous generation Nintendo games, and being a kid in the late 80s and 90s, I want to reminisce by playing my beloved Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart. But PS3? All of the games see to be first person shooters and the type I'm not interested in, and all of the ones that I am interested in seem to also be available for the XBox 360.

Another major reason is that the PS3 is late to the game.
Most hardcore console buyers have in recent months bought an XBox and Nintendo and are now out of money for a bit before buying a PS3 (at which point prices may have come down).
I expect PS3 sales to soar when Christmas shopping commences in earnest, as the others have probably reached most of their market saturation by now and people are holding off on purchases for themselves for a few weeks, instead making Christmas lists...

There are only so few people buying every console on the market after all, the rest don't really care one way or the other and will buy one catching their fancy and use it until they're tired of the games they can get for it.
Those people will generally be using either an XBox or Nintendo by now (and possibly an older model of them) or a PS2 or PS and not be thinking about buying yet another one.

Being the most expensive of the bunch does indeed give PS3 another disadvantage, especially since the games for it (being BluRay discs) will almost certainly be more expensive as well than those for the competition.

For me, I'll stick to Diablo II on my trusty old PC.

PS 3 had a bad karma from the beginning. I've read that there were numerous of bugs, and those bugs were the reason for release delays. No wonder it had sales consequences.

what??? PS3 going down???... that's bad... it's true that nintendo did created that whole new controller and what not... but I always thought of the PS3 RPG games to be the best... I thought people were fighting to buy it over there...
well... as much as I love nintendo and Zelda... I guess if I had the choice I'd still go for the PS... cuz what I consider good games are a lot in the PS in comparison to the other consoles. If that makes any sense.... still I'm hoping sony would come up with a better plan to boost their sales.

Another reason for the slow PS3 sales, is that the PS3 is sold out... everywhere..

Sony didn't produce enough, fast enough. There are a LOT of people around *here* that would LOVE to pay $600-700 for a PS3, but can't find any :-|

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