Hello. I just joined today :)

My name is Ydreece, I'm a web designer (part time), host (part time) and full time gamer (secondlife) errrr.. if that matters :icon_cheesygrin:

oh well I'm still lost around here but I'll try to cope up and read read read.

Grettings! welcome to join this big family!

Wanna join the Daniweb army to take over the universe? ( don't worry we're not using guns, just computers... ) Kidding!
^.^ welcome to Daniweb.com ^.^

thank you ^.^

nice username ;p and yeah im here to do so... just kidding ;p
im not finish yet with reading some important portions of the forum but yes ill be staying in to join the fun as much as i can. thanks.

welcome to the board! Good day!