I just downloaded the beta 2 of windows vista..... went to install the upgrade, and it needs an installation key..... my question is, how the hell do you obtain this key?

I *think* it used to be, when you were a beta tester, you got a key. Now I am not sure how. There are ways though I am sure :cool:

Yep, exact same question I had, Comatose.

*loooking around cluelessly*

By the way, tayspen, ya testing?

I figured it out, you have to create a stupid account and log into live windows.... let me see:
http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/getready/preview.mspx, then you log in, and it goes through like 113 redirects. The final product should have links for download, and a product key... I would paste that URL, but I'd be willing to bet you'd get an invalid login and get redirected to step 1 of my process here.... Now if only I can get it to freakin install :eek:

Heh jeez.

Good find by the way.

Did you download it from Microsoft? If so, the key was on the page you initiated the download from. If not, good luck.

Yeah, if you didn't download it from microsoft, then you're screwed. They usually just email you the key like 10 times. That's what happened to me.

oh man come on every thing can be cracked these days lol grrrrrr

Nice easy to follow instructions thanks guys:
1: download the file slmgr.zip (links below)

2: make a backup of C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs (in case the keygen works, replace it back with the original)

3: use slmgr.vbs from the zip-file to replace the one in C:\windows\system32\. If you have problems with permissions, select file...goto properties....take ownership....then change permissions.

4: write down your partial or entire productkey. You can check your key with "magic jellybean" (from our pack)

5: goto Start > Run, type "cmd" and OK. Now type "C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -ipk generate". A process called "wscript.exe" will start and can take quite a lot of CPU resources. It will check aprox. 10000 keys per 30 minutes.

6: now the waiting begins. It can take very very very long before you get some results

7: after some time (hours, days) check your productkey with "magic jellybean" again to see if it has changed

8: if your serial has changed try to activate Vista by going to Start > Run. Now type the command "C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -ato"


KEYGEN PROVIDED BY COMPUTER USER!...thanks fokes for your "patience!" Laughing

DISCLAIMER: under no circumstances should anyone sell the key that they generate. I do not support Piracy, this was simply an experiment in which i used to practice my vbscripting. This was just for fun and was a complete accident! sorry for cracking your beautiful operating system BILL GATES

I strongly encourage everyone to purchase windows vista, and be a genuine customer!


Enjoy :)


Welcome ;)