I am somone who has just spent the last 275 years trying to get a
combo box to advance to a text box based on what is selected via HTML and javascript. After 24,000,000,012 google searches, I have got 24,000,000,012 ways to do it and none work.

I spent the last millenium trying to find an interface to create my html interfaces without having to code everything.

I am so productive, I cannot stand myself.

At this point, I am sure everyone reading this concurs.

Welcome the programmer who had crawled out from his comfortable IBM midrange cacoon to discover a new world of georgeous interfaces that take forever to develop. And Mr Google can be so cruel. As you turn over every grain of sand to find out that you were looking on the wrong beach.

It is 5pm. Time to go home to what really matters.

Hope for a better day tommorrow.

Buy a javascript book .