Hi Every one I found Daniweb from Searching VB Code
I alway Found In Daniweb, it a Good Site

I'm Teerapart Sujitto,Sunchiro(nick)

Hi I'm a Student In Thailand
In A Famous Chris Schoo,[Assumption] College Sriraha,l I'm 14 Years old My birthday is 16 April
in 1996, In Thailand Most Student Don't Interest In Programming
Very Lazy Only 2% Of Student is High Effective And
20 Medium 70 % low and 10 % Not learn(Sleep and Do Something Ridiculous The Only Play and Play) Only Some Very Famous School
Like Suan Kularb Having Good Student, Thai Children Are Study At
Government School, it Free only Some Accesorie that we need to by
Free Book And Discount Uniform white shirt and Iron-rust color
Sample pic
Government Want Children To be Genius
Not much student know english ,the know basic and some .
i don't know what is my english level.
but my friends tell me i'm good
not much student can say like this
because i study in E.P.(English Program) 3 Subject(English Science And Math) or more
will Be English 100% not thai and Left is thai subject
Only Some Student Like Me Love Programming 0.2 % of School

A lot of government Supported School it Seperate From Temple Wat
i'm study In Individual School ACS(Assumption College Sriracha)
Very Expensive But It very good
Have a lot Thing to learn And Very big
ACS is the biggest School(not University) in thailand
330 rai i don't know rai in english 1 rai = 400 Wa Square, Wa = 2 M
About 264 000 M^2 Half is School And Half Is Camp
Camp Has, in the Other Side Of Camp is Drive Golf Field
In My School They Are 3 Type
2.E.P. (English Program)
3.S.E.P.(Special E.P.)
Normal = 300 USD - 320 USD = 10000 Baht
EP = 1100 USD - 1200 USD = 48000 Baht
Sep = 600 USD - 700 USD(notsure) = 20000+ Baht
EP SEP it Very Expensive
This Price Is Per Semester Half Year Of Study
The In Then End Of The Final Semester Of Year The Holiday
Is the most Happy Time in MY LIFE!
EP And SEP Is very Expensive but Have Special
Activ Board :1 Per Class Touch Screen About 2 Metre Across Size It Have Projector on the ceiling And Show To The Activ Board
The Are 300000 Baht About 9300 USD
Computer :1 Per Class (In Thai Almost School don't Have Computer In class room only International School And Some School)
Almost School Has Same Same Table And Chair Metal Frame
And Wooden Backrest and Buttom Have a Space Under Table To Put something Like Book And Accesorie
The Bad Thing is When The Fighting The Must Go To Hospital Surely 555+
They Use Chair Leg (It Metal And Very Hurttt) Lash At Opponent
And knock down They Can't control Mood When They Finish Fighting
The Story Will Fly in the air and go to the SCHOOL DIRECTOR
And They Will Fly out from school and find new School
They Like To cheer When Someone Fighting not to tell 55 like other country

Our Director Has Die on 8 May 7:00 am Thailand
Today Is Funeral Day He is Bishop
And Very Famous He is the Best Director
But We Lost him

555 In thai 12345 1 = nung 2 = song 3 = sarm 4 = siii 5 = Ha
mean Ha Ha Ha +
+ Mean Nothing It Ridiclous
but Almost People In thailand Use 555+
Not lol
Noone Use lol
use 5555

End Story

Hi Sunchiro, nice to meet you :D
Thanks for the info. For now on I'll use 555+

Hi Sunchiro, nice to meet you :D
Thanks for the info. For now on I'll use 555+

Thank for using thai lol 555+

Hi, Sunchiro, nice to meet you! Your English skills are much better than my Thai language skills! I'm sorry to hear about your Director/Bishop. It sounds like you're in a very good school so they should have another inspiring person to follow in his steps.

Hello Sunchiro, welcome to the forum. Have a wonderful stay.

Yes Above Post Is My Friend Don't Care What He Say