this is my java code that i'm experimenting with right now. trying to learn graphics.

import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;

public class game extends Applet
	Image dbz;
	public void init()
		Font newFont = new Font("TimesRoman", Font.BOLD + Font.ITALIC, 50);
		dbz = getImage(getCodeBase(), "dbz.jpeg");
	public void paint(Graphics g)
		//Color red = new Color(255,0,0);
		//g.drawString("hello world", 50, 50);

and i'm just using a regular html file to run it in. when i compile it i get no errors, but the image never shows. on line 12 i can type anything into the quotes and still get no errors, so i think that might be where the problem is.

Only thing I can really think of is did you add it to something that can show it? My friend had this problem earlier today he just forgot to add.

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