Hi Guys,

I am Anand Nadar, from India and I am a designer and SEO Consultant. I have around 5 1/2 years pro experience in designing.
Some of my work is listed at <SNIP>And now I am also an SEO Consultant after getting over 10 Website on top in major search engines for competetive keywords..
So now I am also offering Best SEO Tools online at <SNIP>

Hope people like my introduction.

Really a nice Forum. Good to have joined it.



I am juanda from Indonesia.I just enter this forum that I thought must be from severalyears ago. I am an IT graduation, eventhough I tend theoretic. I want many skills in IT,especially Java, Delphi,Visual Basic/C,etc. Congratulation for your succeeds. Thankyou

We are glad you have chosen to be a part of our community and we hope you enjoy your stay.

hi to all
i am from india i am also new to this forum.eager to more learn form this forum

Welcome to DaniWeb, Anand :)

And also to the other two who piggy backed on this intro instead of making their own :twisted:

Hey Guys,

i'am till, a selfemployed webdesigner from germany. I have around 8 years pro experience in designing, seo and web-development. you can look to our showcase @

i'am really happy to join this excellent forum and find a lot of good ideas, frinds and work-partnerships.

best regards,

till & co

Hi Nadar, Juanda, Sindhu2010 and Till & Co, nice to meet you :)