As a general persona, I have the ideal profile for someone working in scientific research, where I can see details other missed.

Name: Richard Jalbert
Nick: reactivated
Other nicks: deactivated, deresoluted,aspar, bitshifter and ramcleaner.
Height: 5' 10" (1.77m)
Weight: 67 Kg
Hair: brown and grey.
Eyes: brown
Location: Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Age: 63 (in 2011)
Hobbies: programming, painting, drawing (ink and pencil), machine shop practice.
Relationship: divorced and still single.
Fave music: Enya, Eva, Negro spiritual, anything classical, a touch of gregorian.'National' music (Russian, Irish)...
Education: BAC Landscape Arch., dipl. CDI programming school.
Work: retired. Not enough time to do all I want.
Fav food: anything but earthworms. Sushi !
Fave movies: Matrix, LOTR, Ghost in the Shell, 6 feet under.
Fave TV show: don't have a TV
Fave video games: Tomb Raider (all of them),Port-Mortem,Syberia,URU-Path of the Shell
Stuff I dislike:rap "music", loud jerks, incompetent know-it-all, police state, more later.
Favorite languages: VB6 (don't laugh (10 years in it)), C#.

Welcome to daniweb, Canadian. Hope you have a great time here, Richard:)