Hi everyone!

Ok, following the great idea from the closed [Tell us about yourself] thread, I think is a good way to know each other and have some reference about the direrent pesonalities around this web.

Name: Alex
Nickname: Exheon(web nick), Dumbass (my very common nick).
Height: I don't know
Weight: I don't wanna know
Hair: black
Eyes: Sharingan jeje, Dark brown
Location: Chile
Age: 26
Hobbies: Make jokes, coding, play guitar, etc.

Relationship Status: single

Fav Music: Jazz, Blues, Rock n Roll, Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, some Rap too.

Education: High School, some unfinished carrers, and a couple of years in the army

Work: Professional Lazy, free-lance Developer in my free times.

Favorite Food: Lasagne, sushi... em there's too much to proceed

Favorite Movies: Ed Wood, The Walking Castle, Eraser Head, etc.

Favorite TV Shows: Naruto, Black Lagoon, Elfen Lied, Criminal Minds, CSI.

Favorite Video Games: Resident Evil (everyone I played), Mario Kart(Snes), GTA San Andreas, etc

Stuff you Dislike: many things...

I Really Hate: hypocrisy(C'mon, not the band), cowardness, chauvinism, quiters, rich c***-s*****s and their bullet-proof vehicles, golf and other elitist activities. anyone who treat another human fellow as ignorant (or some other offensive label)in a forum, and a big ETC.

I Hope I can learn a lot from the members of this community, and I hope I have the opportunity to help others in the process.

It's nice to be here, See ya!

PD: sorry if my english sucks.

Welcome to daniweb, Alex and hope you have an enjoyable stay here:)