hello, i am a newbie who doesn't have any programming experience.
i heard that python is great to start with, but i prefer to begin with c++ because it's known as the best for game programming.

1) is it okay to learn c++ for a newbie?
2) is c++ really the best for game programming?
3) which software should i use to program in c++? (i am a mac user.)

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1. Ofcourse newbies can learn C++!!!
2. Not a game programmer, but I suspect lots of games use c++ since performance is important
3. I use a mac at home, linux/windows at work. You already have everything you need.

a. open a terminal window on your mac
b. type nano (or other editor you know, I use vi since its on every unix system)
c. write your first c++ program:

#include <iostream>

       int main()
            std::cout << "I can do it!!!" << std::endl;

d. build program with g++ compiler: $ g++ -g hello.cpp -o hello

e. run program on bash shell: $ ./hello

f. debug program with gdb debugger: $gdb hello

Now go read up on everything, Enjoy and Have Fun!!!

1) yes, but be prepared for a very steep learning curve.
2) as far as i am aware a large percentage of modern games are written in c++ (but remember writing a game may not be as much fun as you think it will be, i.e lots of time writing lines of code just to make an asteroids game that looks like something from 1982.)
3) sorry can't help with this.

1 : C++ was my first programming language, it takes a while (a long time), heh that "steep learning curve" thing really doesn't mean it gets difficult to understand. But be prepared to put some time into it.
2 : I think it is, but I'm not a game programmer either. Like frogboy said, it will take effort to make that seemingly trivial game. As far as I know C#/Java isn't used for many blockbuster games--but that may change in the future.
3 : Donnow really, but "xcode" comes to mind.
May also look at: http://developer.apple.com/

Also, xcode and all their development tools are free

thanks for all the great answers!
i'm so thrilled to start learning c++!

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