...and bring the star back to her? lol;)

...and sing her every song that you'll hear? hehe :s


Is this like Day Dreaming or Sleep Dreaming

Ill do both... hehe :)

Day Dreaming = Usually about whatever I have to do later on

Sleep Dreaming = Usually I have really wacked out dreams about the weirdest things...I cannot even begin to explain how weird they are LOL


Flapping arms!

I have a recurring thing in my dreams, where I am able to fly... somewhat, I can hover meters above the ground and move around by flapping my ARMS super excessively as if they were wings. I have to flap them as hard as i possibly can, as though the air is as thick as water. its hard work but worth it. When i am high enough i can also glide with my arms...like mario with a feather!
I think i am slowly reaching higher altitudes the more it happens in my dreams. In these dreams its doesn't really strike me as being odd, it feels natural although no one else is capable of it.
Oh and I also feel scared when i flap really high, as though it may all just stop working and i will plummet into the ground, although I never have.

Anyone? all point of views appreciated.:?:


i have that dream but i always throw off the covers and wake up my parents when i bang on the wall/fall on the floor


well i cant say the dream has ever woken me up, i don't recall thrashing around in the covers either. however I used to have a reoccurring backwards fall dream that i would awake from- bouncing slightly, from the shock of waking.


Along the confession of Bill Gates, did you read lots of books, lots of books about backwards roller skating grizzly bears?

Nah, I grew up in the mountains of Montana. We spent part of our summers in a cabin with only an outhouse. Generally not a problem, but imagine waking up in the middle of the night needing to go! There is nothing darker than a 20 foot walk from a dark cabin through trees to an outhouse - the dark still contains uncertainties that can send shivers up my spine. I love that place and I still go back whenever I can -- but it is now a 17 hour drive away, so I don't get back as often as I used to.

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