Just want to say "Hi". I am a media artist in Florida and a professional photographer. We have an art gallery across from the beach and we travel a lot teaching Photography, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. I've been using technology arts for about 18 years; I guess I'm one of the "old guys" who still remembers when scanning was considered an art. Check us out at www.janesdigitalart.com , say HI! and let me know if I can help you with any of your imaging questions.

Welcome....hope you'll enjoy it here!

Sooooo .... what does everyone do here?

just like to say hi back, I am just starting out in photography at the ripe old age of 49, never to old to learn, so just before I hit the sack I will veiw your website. I have just joined this website, I have been on no other, so it is all really new to me, much the same as using a computer, but I am getting there, thanks to everyone else for the warm welcome, I am sure to ask some stupid questions now and again, but making people smile is a good thing, maybe one day I will be able to give some advice back, you never know

Hey - "A room without art is a room without thought"

I love the focus on programming - you are so right - what a challenge and meandering through the topics and threads is intriguing - I will spend weeks in here! The art world is having similar challenges because of technology - everyone has it, everyone thinks they (the computer) can create masterpieces with a tap of the keypad! We opened the gallery to re present photography as fine art plus to educate the public as to how technology is used - "yet another tool" - as an extension of an artists heart, mind and hand. So far it's been a bit uphill, but we keep it going with educational dvds and my presentations at conventions and schools of photography. Our portraits are doing well. The only programming I have actually done is helping to design retouching workstations for production (lab) retouching in conjunction with the REAL programmers with Dicomed and Photo Electronics. They actually did all the work - I just showed up to examine how the tools worked and put in requests for how the tools would change pixels. The people in here are impressively brilliant aye!

The people in here are impressively brilliant aye!

Yes indeed.