Aloha! I hope I give enough details for someone to help me...

First off, I own a Compaq FS7600 (I know compaq....) about 1 1/2 years old...

Ok so... Yesterday I turned it on and the light up screen comes on, the three lights on the keyboard flash once (like normal) and then the monitor comes on but only displays a black screen with the "COMPAQ" logo on it with three options on the bottom: "ESC" boot menu, "F1" Setup, "F10" System Recovery... and this is where (I think) it's frozen? I have tried pressing each other the three options but nothing happens. I have left the computer on for as long as 30 minutes and it will not load. I took out the wires, cleaned it (it was already clean, but I didn't know what else to do) and it still will not load. I have been just turning it on and off with the main button on the modemn. I am afraid that I will break it if I continue to push buttons but what else can I do?

Please help!


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Ok, I removed all cables including the one for the printer, cable for internet, ipod, even the speakers and it still will not load. The only thing I still have attached are the keyboard and mouse and monitor of course.

:( anything else I can do? :(


I am having the same problem. With my brand new (purchased today) seagate 750 gig external USB hard drive connected, my computer will not boot past the detection screen. If I physically disconnect either the external hard drives power or USB cord, the computer will boot. I then have to reconnect the cords.

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