Hi there!
I am currently an undergraduate stuednt, trying to decide on a major, and my two main interests right now are Aerspace Engineering and Computer Science. I know, they are two COMPLETELY different fields, but I can't help the fact that I am interested in both.
Now I am figuring out what I should do with my years at college, and I have a couple of options:
(1) Double major in Aerospace Engineering and Computer Science (what I am curretnly enrolled in)
(2) Major in CS and minor in Ae (this doesn't make a lot of sense to me)
(3) Major in AE and minor in CS.
Option 3 seems to make more sense, but I do want to keep a strong footing in CS. I was thinking after option 3, I could go ahead and get a double Masters (one in AE and one in CS).
I was wondering what kind of career opportunities I would have with a minor in CS? What about a minor in CS followed by a MS in CS? Would I still be less preferred/have less opportunities than people with a BSCS and an MSCS?
Do let me know.

I think Option 3 is the Best , Although in AE they will teach you all of the computing skills needed to develop spacecraft , If you major in CS you might find yourself locked in a programming job , believe me AE is a far more respected degree than CS. you can minor in CS , which will be great for your resume , if you see the majority of CS courses , most are theory which is not gonna be used unless you want to teach at teh university level .

Go for option 3

Hi Xero,

What did you decide to do? Northrop Grumman has an aerospace engineer job internships that I'm considering. Are you looking into internships programs? Which ones? Thanks.

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