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LOL!!! now i am TRULY honored!!!! :-* yes, this is perfect - jeepers u dont waste anytime do u?!!! ;D
ok, so heres the first link 4 the board:

http://wdvl.internet.com - its a pretty broadbased info site

http://wdvl.internet.com/Authoring/Tutorials/ - which is
possibly a page of particular page of interest 4 those interested in web oriented tutorials, covering items such as ASP & Cascading Style Sheets, thru Perl & PHP to VRML & XML - hope its as fun & informative 4 y'all as it 4 me! :D


Very kewl ;D Nope, I don't waste any time, especially on a boring Sunday night/Monday morning *L*

I'll take a look at the links in the morning ... ;D


aeinstein, you forgot the http:// part of the URL so the system didn't parse it as a link. i fixed it for ya ;D


LOL, u r such a SWEETIE - and a very good Administrator i might add!!! (ok, is that enuff kissin up - do i get my Franklin now?!!!) sorry for the mixup, it is kinda late & by the time i get here i'm pooped, but no excuses 4 the typos (i make a living by paying attention 2 the details), so please to flog me - well, not TOOO hard anyway!!! ;D


Ooh... I think someone has the hots for a certain girl... LOL! ;) Watchout, Dani has cooties... I wish she treated ME with that kindness... :P

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