If anyone wants to see, I would be happy to freely distribute the source to PC Mod Kingdom, and the SQL Server 2000 database (minus the users table). It's based on the IBuySpy portal, and has many custom modules!

Sure! I'd be interested! Maybe you can upload it here as an attached file?

lol tek uploading? hahahahhahaha hahahahahaha hahahaha sorry Dani I been standing in line for about 4 months now still waiting and I tell you one thing girlfriend I am pushing and shoveing!!!!!!

Tek you better send me that I hate waiting. That and PC MOD KINGDOM 3.0 and 3.5 and I want those TSP reports on my table as well thanksssss

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:oops: I knew I forgot something....

Would you put the source on your site for downloads?

Its over 200 megs.

Generally, source code doesn't include all the pictures and images and stuff like that. It's just the back-end code ... so that someone could modify it, reuse it and implement it in a different way for their own needs. That's the basis behind open source.

I know I was just giving Ryan a hard time he used to it see how he answered me saying that "Its over 200 megs." lol lol

200 megs of pure source code is a lot. Whoa. Even if you wrote the whole web site including the actual server and database in assembly language, I don't think it would accumulate to 200 megs. 8)

Yeah Tek did you mean 20MB of 200MB???

20MB? Even 2 megs seem like a lot of code (compressed); for the web site anyways. I take it he meant ALL the files included in the web site (images, database, etc).

Yup ... that's why I hinted with that bit of info about how source code doesn't include content.

Tek, just curious, do you know if the standard classes that are available from C# can be called through ASP.NET (in VBScript)? I know that Microsoft has included tons of classes to work in C# (similar to the way Sun provides classes for Java), that's why I'm curious if the same goes for ASP.NET.

My second question is if you've ever worked with web services before. I'm assuming for parsing XML it follows the standard DOM/SAX methods.

Your answers -

Question 1... All of .NET is in classes. In fact, thats the beauty of .NET. Anything can be accessed anywhere. All the C# classes are accessable in ASP.NET, execept for Windows Forms (which is expected). In fact, all of the C# classes are accessable from VB.NET :-D.

Question 2... I've done extensive work with .NET Web Services. And yes, it follows stanadard methods. This is another beauty of .NET. You can exchange data with non .NET applications through Web Services seamlesly.

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