Did m$ antritrust case get covered up under 911? I'm not hearing much about it anymore.

Well... what do you think should happen with the m$ antritrust case?

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I think m$ should open source it's proprietary technology. I'm talking about it's asp (iis), sql, and other proprietary technologies. Things that keep users from migrating to linux (yes yes, there's also the games part). m$ proprietary technology is what gives it its monopoly. Also... open source some old windows. COME ON!!! no one uses win 95 or win 3.x anymore! Just release the source! still... the 9x architecture is dead. YOU MIGHT ACTUALLY LEARN SOMETHING ABOUT SECURITY IF YOU RELEASE IT!!!!

Hmmm... Alpha.. sounds like you work for the DOJ!

LOL... just wanna see a future where everyone prospers


Well, actually Gates donated like 20 billion a few weeks ago to charities and stuff.

I thought that was like a few years ago. But 20 billion!!! holy shit!!

And... are you sure this isn't in his will, cause i remember i heard this around the time i heard he gave his children 20 million

thinking again... i thought it was 2 billion to charities, and 20 (somewhere around there) million to his kids.

20 million to his kids!! damn... he was madd high when he did that, if i were his kids (well... i'd b loathing in money), i'd be screaming and hollering to increase it to 20 billion!!

40 Billion is not a lot compared to Home Depot, MS has way way way more money then 40 Billion, Gates himself has 90 Billion in account. Speaking of Home Depot they make 140 Billion a year. So you know MS being one of the worlds largests companies make way more then 140 Billion a year. Something to think about...

Speaking of Home Depot... this kid today in school wore a shirt that said "Homer's Depot". It was kinda funny... but not relevent


1. I thought bill gates was now worth around 60 billion (ha!), i saw it in times magazine

2. The largest because their worth half a trillion dollars (and starting to grow a lil)!

3. Home Depot, is that 140 billion a year in revenue?

4. How much is Home Depot worth?

Home Depot believe it or not is a HUGE I mean HUGE company. My facts are pretty straight to my friend is a District Manager for Home Depot he runs I think like 7 Stores.

Well in any case my facts might not all be that straight when it's not dealing with computers so I'm going to shut up.

BAH!! mind dead = me fucked = bah

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