Hello All,
I'm new to the computer world in the sense that I have a new interrest in programming and developing. I was asked a few questions by someone I was chatting with on a website , who's name I wont mention, but it involves avatars; I was sooo lost. Upon conversating further I found I don't even know the basics. So I began a search for a forum that I hope will assist me in becoming an expert, if not just an intermidiate. LOL -- Hence the reason I am here now.
I was asked about MSSQL and Access? I don't know????
Is this where I need to start or is there a computer basics for dummies.
I am 37 years old and feel like this is something I should alreay know given the fact that I have been using a computer for over 15 years. I have also worked for a company where my responsibilty was software support. Needless to say, I no longer work there.
SO anyhow, if there is anyone out there willing to teach and mentor this computer challenged individual, please let me know.

You have a lot to learn. Go pick up a few books out there and learn a new subject. Since you mentioned access and sql server you are referencing Microsoft technologies.. go check out a few books on .NET (pronounced dot net) - you may want to start off with Visual Basic.NET and then transition to C# ... Make sure to get beginner books so they describe the concepts behind the tools!

Hello turtlelove. First of all, welcome to Daniweb.. And, there are many 'learn yourself', 'for dummies', etc books which are good for beginners. Pick up one and start learning! Good luck.. :)

Welcome, w3schools.com can be a good starting point for you tl learn mssql and access ,etc.

Hi.. Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)
i suggest to start with vb.net...

Glad to have you with us!

Welcome to Daniweb my friend a little tip that will never fail you is that Google can be your best friend in helping you ;) Also if you want a book or two go and check Amazon and if you have it, PC World tend to have books that could help