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Insert Cup and Press Any Key

Do you still use the Coca Cola Cup Holder program?


Do you still use the Coca Cola Cup Holder program?

No, the Coca Cola Cup does not fit into that CD drawer that pops out.

Debug only empty files


By the time you finish reading this, I will be obso%&l%&e%&t%&e

Please consult the manual to find out what is broken today.

C++ no work, i do basic only, sry

Press Ctrl-Alt-F4-Delete to access the Help file (Borrowing from Scott Adams on that one.)

Other computers need viruses in order to not work. I don't.

CAUTION: Computers may be hazardous to your social life.

To compile, say: "By the power of MegaMan!!!"

my OS was written by an infinite number of monkeys working on crappy computers just like me

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