This is a post to hopefully get some useful career advice. I'm new to this community however having looked through lots of posts on the forum it looks the best place to ask for advice.

I'm 24 years old, currently living in Cumbria. I've am working as an Electronics Engineer and have been for the past 7 years. I have over 10 years experience in programming with embedded C, C#, Visual Basic, HTML, ASP, ASP.NET and java with I.T. experience in PC maintenance, managing servers including Exchange, DHCP and DNS.

The problem is, i fancy a change of direction as i'm looking to permanently move to Manchester with my fiance but i'm struggling to decide what career path to go down. At present i'm studying for an MCAD and also a BSc in engineering so logically i have 2 choices - Software or Electronics - but i'm really interested and good with I.T.

Please could someone offer some advice as to what would be a good position to look for or could anyone offer advice if they're in/have been in this situation?

Thanks in advance


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electronics, either product development or maintenance. There's far more job security in there than there is in IT, what with the massive offshoring to eastern Europe, South Africa, and Asia.

Each choice have their pros and cons. For example, although there is truth in what jwenting has stated regarding IT jobs being heavily outsourced, IT will allow you to be more flexible and be able to work wherever you are. It would help to study the current trends in career demands to help you decide which career direction to take.

My 2 cents ::

Either heed jwents advice in choosing EE over IT/software development OR ponder a position in teaching at a secondary institution or a community college once you obtain your degree.
The latter is a change of pace and in your free time you can pursue whatever hobbies without having to take much of your work home with you. You are still able to leverage your knowledge and expertise and stay fresh to a limited degree in some of your areas of expertise and you can work on research or side jobs in other areas or even entirely new ventures.

Or you could always become a slick-talking lying power-hungry money-grubbing politician lolol [personally I avoid interacting with politicians other than every 2 years by voting]


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