Hello sir,
I need to create a ASP.NET Website. What are the basic steps in involving in that? I know to create forms, asp page? But i dont know the initial things.

set up IIS
make site
deploy site

Hello sir,
I am using Visual Studio 2008. In that platform only i am developing ASP.NET Website.
What i need is, i am having templates from which i need my website to be developed. How to include that templates into VS2008.
And i need only basic pages such as login, register, and home pages.
Pls do help me in this.
Thanks in advance.

Sounds like, sir, that you need more than a Forum. A specific item can certainly be addressed, but you really can't expect to learn how to create websites from a forum. May I suggest this link a starting point?

commented: Good recommedation considering the nature of the request... +14
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