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I didnt get any right :D

Great, so far I matched 9.

i m just matched one question...:)

the funny thing is, those are the only four I drink

I only knew the 2 Dutch beers : Grolsch, heineken ;)

Yeah grolsch was a give away because of the bottle shape lol

I live 20 KM (13 miles) from the Grolsch brewery, so I've 'seen' my share of Grolsch-bottles in my live :)

cool, that is good beer, not that cheap here in the UK mind - But you get what you pay for I guess lol

A 0.45 l bottle costs about 2.40 euro which is 1.7 pounds. The 0.33 is cheaper

Finally. My first post. Leave a good impression talk about beer. Matched 4 at the first try. Handicapped by the fact that german beer bottles look different in germany. And to be honest who could tell bottle B from bottle K.