Does anybody know where i can find ideas for small apps/utilities that i can code? I'm sorry to say, but it seems I've run out of creative juice when it comes to coming up with ideas. Here's a little background about what I can do:

I use C#.NET and I can:

1. Work with files
2. Work with the registry
3. Work with processes
4. Work with Windows Live Messenger (only API i learned to use so far...i find it limiting though)

also these basic things:
5. handle keyboard/mouse input, use windows form controls

i know it sounds like a job application, but i thought to point me in the right direction you might need that info. Thanks in advance

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I am at about the same level but with VB.

Some things i did:

System tray applet using the web services feature available in visual studdio express which can tell the user the weather for thier area etc...

Word processor

A program to display on a pie chart which directories on the HDD use what amount of space.

If you want the code to the weather applet it is available. Just PM me.

how bout a pong game?

Blackjack is a good one. It teaches Classes.

pong, tetris (a bit harder), cheap graphical rpg (the only problem is the sprites you have to somehow acquire), bridge, blackjack, pool (a bit harder), etc.

Breakout. Dont forget that.

Yeah breakout is a good game to program too.

If you are into the live messenger sdk, registry and processes it shouldnt be that hard for you to make a LAN messenger program using Winsock.

Hold the thought:-/

It seems in posting this thread I forgot that i have one of my cambridge Computing exams in two days. All that gibberish about packet/circuit switching nonsense...blaaaah:S . I'll get back to you after exams are over...

So you are at uni?

I am at 6th form. I just had my AS computing exams

uni, 6th form..Im lost. is this some British thing?

nah i'm 6th form, cambridge cie (AS is what im doing friday, then A level next thurday). xD I wish i could get into a uni like cambridge......

Reply to Sturm. I think it is. Is the tertiary school structure

uni, 6th form..Im lost. is this some British thing?

basically you leave secondary school at 16 with some GCSE qualifications. You can then go out and get a job.

If you decide to stay in education you can go to sixth form between the ages of 16 and 18 and get A level qualifications.

After 6th form you can then go to university if you want (university is not free but 6th form is) and do a degree

How about if you want to go to a school in the US. Are you forced to do all that 6th form stuff?

Actually Sturm no you don't, and I'm beginning to wish I didn't. Turns out I did really bad on my A level qualifications so I'm kinda worried that US colleges wont accept me in light of that.

Anyways breakout in Direct X sound fun? (I'm trying to learn DX, lol)

I did sucky on my ASes too

u can try following:
1. making proxy server.
2. a threaded server.
3. a program which watch registry access of currently running process.

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